Hello! Thank you so much for finding our business and our website! We appreciate any support and love! 

WHO ARE WE? We're Identical Twins and we live in PA with our English Bulldog, Elvis! (& He has the SASS to fit that name!) We started this company in Summer 2021 and have loved watching it grow, even from month to month!

WHY START THIS BUSINESS?  It was an idea to create a subscription box company after subscribing to a couple over the years and realizing there is more potential for certain categories.  When we were in college, we didn't see any care packages that weren't ALL SNACKS.  You know those kind... 20 bags of chips, 5 bags of cookies, some candy bars, and an overpriced sticker slapped on top. There was nothing UNIQUE & FUN out there specifically for students! *gasps* That's when we found our whole in the market. 

WE RUN THE SHOW: Seriously though, we do it all.  We oh so carefully curate each box, we run social media, ads, emails, customer service, you name it! Be kind to us as we add to our team over time. (PLZ) We also choose to shop mostly from small businesses, and put together our boxes the way we would have wanted them in school. 

OUR INSPO: You may have guessed, but that little ham below was our inspiration behind our logo! He's our little (well maybe not-so-little) study buddy and we wanted emulate the idea that our box is your little pick-me-up once a month.  (Also-it's funny.) We hope our boxes give you as much joy to receive as they have been to curate!


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