Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at


A box of college student themed joy delivered monthly! We are a subscription box company curated specfically towards college students. Each box has a different theme, and different items!

We got you! To sign up, please follow the steps below.

1. Go to

2. Choose either the Monthly or Yearly Subscription Option from the drop down menu.

3. Add to Cart

4. Click On "Place Your Order" In the Cart

5. Login if you are an exisiting customer, or enter your email and password you would like to use and click on "Create an Account."

6.Enter Shipping & Payment Details That are Prompted.

7. Click "Pay Now"


Every Month Contains anywhere from 6-9+items, up to a $200 Value! Items you can expect to find are Snacks, Gadgets, College Swag, School/Office Supplies, Personal Care Items, Necessities, and More!

Our boxes include multiple items from small businesses throughout the USA, and we pride ourselves in showcasing new and exciting items you can't find just anywhere!

Our Monthly Subscription is $39.95/Month. 

Our Yearly* Subscription is $315/Year.

*Our Subscription Boxes are sent out ONLY during the months of September Through April. If you purchase a YEARLY plan, the months included in the plan will be rolled over to the next year. Example: You purchase a yearly plan in October. Your plan will end The next year, and your last box will be September the following Year. 

You can cancel your subscription plan at anytime.  

To Cancel: 

Log into your account, click on Your current Orders, and then click on Cancel My Subscription. 

YES!!! When you check out with your subscription, just put in the correct shipping address of the recipient. 

We have a lot of parents/guardians purchasing for students away at college. Our boxes and checkout system are designed for this purpose!

Right now, we only offer subscription options, but you can cancel anytime. That means: if you only want one box, you can cancel after your first order, but we will be sad to see you go. 

No, we do not offer returns. Due to the nature of our boxes, and the items in our boxes, we cannot offer returns at this time. However, if you do have any issues or concerns, please contact us at

Giving our Subscription as a Gift and Want to Personalize Your Order with a Note to The Recepient?

Follow These Steps:

1. Checkout as NORMAL

2. After you see your order confirmation, you will see an option to add a note that will read "Add Note"

3. Fill in your note, and press the button that says "Add Personalized Note"

4. Once we receive your note with your order, it will be added in the first box of the subscription and will look similar to this: